Aria d'Italia

Italian stories in eight words

Aria d'Italia is a Tod's project celebrating contemporary Italian lifestyle and its inherent values: talent and passion for quality in every aspect of life, from fine dining to art, from the joy of sharing to cherishing traditions. Through eight key words, a series of personal and professional stories are told; artists, entrepreneurs, craftsmen each in their way representing the essence of the Italian identity. Chapter after chapter, Aria d'Italia becomes an illustrated journey, the feeling of a new generation, brimming with creativity, able to reinvent our country's heritage through entrepreneurial and unconventional artistic ideas.

In September 2022, Aria d'Italia's words and images will come together in a book published in collaboration with Rizzoli International.

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Chapter Seven


From Noto, Sicily, into the world of art and love portrayed by Painter Sergio Fiorentino and Photographer Rosita Gia, to Matilde Rastelli, one of the most successful Italian models of her generation, and her stories: imagination is reality, the essence of our every day.

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Chapter eight


Courage, creativity and boldness converge in Milan in painter Sofia Cacciapaglia's atelier, the youngest artist to have exhibited her work in the Venice Biennale, and through Luca Bombassei's experiences as an architect, collector and philanthropist, as well as President of the "Venice International Foundation".

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