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Aria d'Italia


Aria d'Italia is a Tod's project celebrating contemporary Italian lifestyle and its inherent values: talent and passion for quality in every aspect of life, from fine dining to art, from the joy of sharing to cherishing traditions. Through eight key words, a series of personal and professional stories are told; artists, entrepreneurs, craftsmen each in their way representing the essence of the Italian identity. Chapter after chapter, Aria d'Italia becomes an illustrated journey, the feeling of a new generation, brimming with creativity, able to reinvent our country's heritage through entrepreneurial and unconventional artistic ideas.

Photographer: Guido Taroni
Stylist: Micaela Sessa

In September 2022, Aria d'Italia's words and images will come together in a book published in collaboration with Rizzoli International.



The art of handcrafting told from two authentic and original viewpoints. Artist Zazie Gnecchi Ruscone in her atelier in Rome gives life to unique creations made using hand-painted fabrics. Marcello Mereu, after working for a period of time in the field of Fashion Management, he dedicates himself to vintage automobiles becoming a world-famous car dealer.

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The desire to go after even the wildest of dreams following one's attitudes and personal beliefs: Photographer Filippo Jacobsson lives in the midst of pure nature, in a secluded hidden corner of Lake Como, and Designer Giovanna Carboni in Cremona, who makes one-of-a-kind designer pieces using traditional techniques, creativity and absolute dedication.

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